NetAPT: Application

Interested in applying to be part of NetAPT? Follow the steps below.

Step 1:View eligibility requirements and ensure you have the required coursework for the specific subject area. Pass appropriate subject area Praxis assessment (have score sent to the SC Department of Education – code 8108 and Winthrop University - code 5910).


Step 2: Submit your NetAPT application (including unofficial transcripts and Praxis score; official copies will be submitted in future step).


Wait: We will review your application and send an email notification to you and the SC Department of Education with preliminary acceptance.


Step 3: Follow directions from the SC Department of Education on completing state requirements for Alternative Certification in the My SC Educator Portal including background check, fingerprinting, official transcript/Praxis documentation, etc.


Wait: Wait for format letter from the SC Department of Education granting permission to seek employment as a NetAPT candidate for alternative certification (known as a “Statement of Eligibility”). Email a copy of your Statement of Eligibility to NetAPT.


Step 4: Apply for a teaching position in a partner district and provide your Statement of Eligibility. If you are interested in a district that is not on our partner list, have a district representative contact NetAPT.


Step 5: Once you accept a position, the district will submit a “Confirmation of Employment” to the SC Department of Education.


Step 6: Email the Confirmation of Employment to NetAPT and confirm your desired start date (we accept new participants on the first of most months).



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NetAPT Homepage

Click the link below to go back to the NetAPT homepage.

NetAPT Homepage
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NetAPT Eligibility

To learn more about eligibility requirements for each content area, click the link below.

Link to eligibility
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Process and Application

NetAPT Application

To learn more about the application process, please click on the link below.

Link to application