Middle Level Education

Student Information

Career Opportunities

Graduates will enjoy great success as teachers and professionals in the field of Middle Level Education. These grade levels routinely experience teacher shortages, resulting in numerous career opportunities for prospective teachers. Recent mandates from the state of South Carolina have made it imperative that all those teaching in middle schools be middle level certified, which has increased the demand for appropriately prepared teachers.


At Winthrop, middle level teacher candidates are placed in educational settings beginning in the freshman year. During the first semester of the senior year, candidates are placed in observation and teaching roles in middle school classrooms. The second semester of senior year consists of no less than 60 full days of student teaching under the guidance of an experienced middle level teacher in the Rock Hill area.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Middle Level majors have the opportunity during the sophomore year to complete a semester abroad. Please work with your advisor well in advance to ensure you are meeting the program of study for your degree area.

Student Organizations

Middle level education majors are welcome to become members of the student chapter of the South Carolina Education Association and/or the Palmetto State Teachers Association. Membership in Kappa Delta Pi, an international honorary organization for education majors, is also available for those who achieve high academic honors. The program is establishing its own chapter of the Collegiate Middle Level Association.  Find out more about College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences organizations.