Middle Level Education

Preparing Teachers to Educate and Empower!


The Major

Winthrop offers the Bachelor of Science in middle level education for students who wish to be certified to teach middle grades (5-8) in South Carolina. Students will select one concentration area from among English/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The Middle Level Education program trains pre-service teachers to work in teams with young adolescents during this crucial developmental stage and to use small group instruction and other strategies to best meet young adolescents' educational needs.  Beginning in the freshman year, our middle level education teacher candidates participate in field experiences in public school settings.  We believe in hands-on engaging instruction that models best practices of research related to middle school concept and the characteristics of successful middle grades schools.

The Program

The Bachelor of Science in middle level education offers teacher candidates 28-30 semester hours of content area studies (English/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies).  This content, along with the university's general education requirements and the 30 hours of pedagogy core courses, constitutes the 120-credit degree.  Starting with the freshman year, a series of middle level courses (12 semester hours) establishes the foundation in middle school philosophy and organization, and provides candidates with instructional, assessment, and literacy strategies for successful work with young adolescents.  The senior year is focused on the field experience and internship, both of which are in middle level classroom settings.  Our goal is to prepare teacher candidates with teaching and learning strategies as diverse, varied, and lively as the middle school students themselves.

Middle Level Resources for Praxis II Content Exams