Name:  Jacob Gdovin
Title:  Associate Professor
Education:  Ph.D., Health and Kinesiology, University of Mississippi; M.S., Exercise Science, Mercyhurst University; M.S., Organizational Leadership, Mercyhurst University; B.S., Sports Medicine, Mercyhurst University
Office:  216-J West Center   
Phone:  803/323-4647
Area(s):  Sports biomechanics; Strength and conditioning; Balance; Gait

Jacob Gdovin, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science. Prior to joining the department of Physical Education, Sport, and Human Performance at Winthrop University, Dr. Gdovin was an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at Missouri State University for three years. Currently, he teaches Biomechanics (EXSC 382), Research Methods for Physical Education and Sport Management (PESH 381), Scientific Foundations of Exercise Science (EXSC 231), and Introduction to Exercise Science (EXSC 101). Dr. Gdovin's research interests include sports biomechanics, biomechanical assessments of strength and conditioning exercises, and improving athletic performance and/or reducing injury risk. In his free time, Dr. Gdovin enjoys resistance training, watching movies, trying new foods, reading, and playing sports.