International Business

About International Business

Have you ever dreamed about living and working in another country, exploring the world, or working for a global company? If so, the International Business option at Winthrop may be a good choice for you.  

Today's business professionals need global business skills. Manufacturers buy raw materials, produce goods, and market their products globally. Service businesses — such as banks, retailers, hotel companies, telecommunications firms, restaurant chains, construction companies, and consulting firms — do business all over the world. Global companies offer challenging jobs, with good opportunities for promotion.  

A knowledge of international business is important because each country is unique. Differences in culture and income affect what people buy, how much they can afford to pay, and how companies advertise their products. Each country has its own laws and customs for hiring, paying, and managing workers. In a global company, managing the company's money is a challenging task. Every course in Winthrop's International Business program will prepare you to deal with these issues and become an effective global business professional.  

Even if you plan to work in your own country, the International Business option provides valuable skills for working with customers and business associates from other cultures. This option also provides opportunities to develop global business judgment, which makes you a more valuable employee and may increase your chances for promotion and pay increases. An increasing number of companies from other countries are doing business in the United States, and many of them want to hire people with a knowledge of international business. If you are an international student, the International Business option can lead to job opportunities in your own country, or possibly to a job with an American company. Students from fifteen different countries have graduated from Winthrop with an option in International Business.  


Why Study International Business at Winthrop?  

  1. Accreditation: The Winthrop College of Business is accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). This is the highest accreditation that a College of Business can receive, and it is recognized around the world. AACSB accreditation means that Winthrop Business faculty are highly qualified and that business courses are based on current information and business practices.  
  2. The focus is on your learning and professional development: Winthrop Business professors enjoy teaching and working with students. They want to help you develop the professional knowledge and leadership skills that will enable you to succeed in the global business environment. They spend many out-of-class hours assisting and guiding students.  
  3. Internship program: Winthrop International Business students have completed internships at Ameriprise Financial, Atotech, Compact Power Systems, Siemens, Continental Tire North America, Okuma America, Springs Global, and 3D Systems, among other companies. Most of these companies have hired Winthrop interns repeatedly. About one-third of these internships have resulted in job offers.  
  4. Study Abroad programs: The Winthrop International Center offers both semester study abroad, and short-term and summer study abroad programs. Winthrop International Business students have studied in China, France, Spain, England, Ireland, Australia, Japan, and other countries. Several Study Abroad programs in English-speaking countries allow you to complete an internship during your Study Abroad semester. If you plan to study abroad, this is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get an internship outside the United States.  
  5. Global Learning Initiative: In 2011, Winthrop began a campus-wide Global Learning Initiative (GLI). From your first semester at Winthrop, you will take courses that include global topics and issues. Each semester, you will have opportunities to attend performances, lectures, and special events with global themes. You can also participate in service projects with people from different cultures. All these experiences will help you develop global knowledge and skills. 
  6. Diverse Student Body: Winthrop has students from 42 U. S. states. There are also about 200 international students, and many of them study business. About one-third of the students in the International Business option come from outside the United States. You will have frequent opportunities to take courses and participate in student organizations with students who come from many different backgrounds and have a variety of opinions.