International Business Career Opportunities

There are several promising career fields for International Business graduates. Jobs in Finance usually pay well and offer good opportunities for promotion. Winthrop International Business graduates have found jobs in Corporate Finance and Corporate Banking. In companies that do business internationally, Corporate Finance involves managing a company's money and making investment decisions on a global basis. If the company's stock is publicly traded in the United States, its Corporate Finance department is also responsible for reporting profits and other financial information to the Securities and Exchange Commission, an agency of the United States government Many other countries have similar requirements.  

Corporate Banking involves working for a bank and helping the bank's business customers meet their financial needs, both in the home country and overseas. For instance, companies that do business internationally often need foreign currency to pay workers or to pay for goods and services. Banks also help online retailers and manufacturers get paid for goods that are sold in other countries. Global companies also need business loans and other types of credit.  

Supply Chain Management plays a vital role in both service and manufacturing companies. Global companies purchase goods all over the world and must arrange for these goods to be transported to the countries where they are needed. These companies must also pay the correct tariffs, or taxes, on goods that are moved from one country to another. In addition to those tasks, manufacturers must also schedule production on a worldwide basis. All these duties are part of Supply Chain Management. According to a 2010 survey by the Institute of Management and Administration, recent college graduates working in this field had an average salary of $47,869. Salaries for experienced professionals averaged $69,680, while managers earned an average of $93,132. Average salaries for vice-presidents and other high-ranking executives exceeded $200,000.  

Marketing professionals are responsible for identifying consumer needs and selling the products (goods or services) that a company provides. In international markets, a company may have to charge a lower price, change its advertising, or adapt the product to different customer needs. Marketing is a rewarding but highly competitive career. Completing either the Marketing option or the Marketing minor, along with the International Business option, will probably give you more job choices.

International Economic Development professionals work on projects that help low-income countries expand their economies and provide more jobs. These projects are usually sponsored by government agencies, international organizations such as the United Nations, or charitable organizations. There are also organizations that provide disaster relief and humanitarian assistance in low-income countries. All these organizations need professionals with global business skills.