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International Business

Graduate Degree Options

There are many graduate degree programs related to International Business. If you decide to attend graduate school, select the program that best fits your needs. Do you want a Master's degree that focuses on global business?  Do you want to expand your overall knowledge of business, while earning a graduate specialization in international business? Do you want to add a increase your career opportunities by learning more about another business field?   

  1. If you want a Master's degree that focuses on global business, there are two general types of degree programs to consider. 
      • A Master of International Business (MIB) program is usually taught at one campus. The MIB program at the University of South Carolina is an example of this type of program. In rankings of graduate programs in International Business, the MIB program at the University of South Carolina is usually ranked number two in the United States. At least two Winthrop business graduates have earned MIB degrees there.  
      • Some degree programs include a required semester study abroad experience, an internship outside the United States, or both. These degrees usually have titles such as Global Master of Business Administration (Global MBA) or International MBA. Some of these programs are dual degree programs, which means that graduates receive a degree from the U. S. university and a second degree from the university where they studied abroad.  
  1. If your goal is to expand your overall knowledge of business and earn a graduate specialization in International Business, look for programs with titles such as MBA in International Business, or MBA with a concentration (specialization) in International Business.  
  3. If you want to increase your career opportunities by learning more about another business field, you may have a choice between two types of degree programs: 
      • MBA programs with various concentrations are offered at many universities. Depending on the university, concentrations may be offered in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, or other fields. Winthrop offers an MBA program with several concentrations.  
      • In some fields, specialized Master's degrees are also available. For example, some universities offer a Master of Accountancy degree or a Master of Science in Finance degree.  

Degree titles can vary. In deciding whether a particular degree program meets your needs, consider all available information about the program, including the lists of required and elective courses.   

Some universities offer financial aid to graduate students. If you are working fulltime and plan to attend graduate school part-time, your employer may be willing to reimburse some or all of your tuition. 




    Last Updated: 10/9/20