School Psychology Program

Admission Requirements

Application Deadline: January 15th for Fall Admission

Admission to the program requires completion of an application to Graduate Studies.

Admissions are normally limited to 11-12 students per year, with study beginning in the fall semester only. Multiple admissions criteria are used, including:

  • work experience
  • recommendations
  • personal qualifications
  • educational experience
  • prior grade point average
  • GRE General Test scores

Despite the fact that admissions to the program are quite competitive (typically about one in four or five applicants is admitted), we apply no absolute cutoff on any one admissions criteria. The admissions decisions are focused on the selection of applicants who we believe have the greatest potential to be successful school psychologists.


Prerequisites to admission are 12 hours of prior undergraduate or graduate coursework in five areas: 

  1. Statistics
  2. General psychology
  3. Experimental psychology or research methods 
  4. Human development (child development or child psychology are acceptable alternatives)

While most of these prerequisite areas must be completed prior to admission to the program, one or two may be taken after an applicant is admitted. Regardless of when it is taken, however, no prerequisite or remedial coursework may count toward either the M.S. or S.S.P. degree.

All admissions materials should be submitted by January 15 of each academic year. Late applications will be considered as openings exist. Finalists for admission also are expected to participate in a personal interview with the school psychology admissions committee.

Potential applicants with a prior graduate degree should refer to this information for Prospective Applicants with prior Degrees in Allied Disciplines.