The Major

The Mathematics degree programs at Winthrop feature challenging curricula taught by an experienced and enthusiastic faculty.  The Department of Mathematics offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, each with a teacher certification option. These choices provide students with the opportunity to tailor a program to their specific professional goals.  All degree programs explore a variety of mathematical disciplines and prepare students for many different post-graduation experiences. Classes for majors are usually small, and majors can expect to interact personally with faculty members.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in numerous areas, including industry or teaching. With the B.A. option students choose a minor in order to allow for exploration of another discipline.

The Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics is designed for students whose career goals require a strong, comprehensive background in mathematics, including those planning to attend graduate school or enter a field of research.

Data Science

The Major

Data Science combines the fields of mathematics, statistics, and computer science to develop data-driven solutions in various sectors. The Bachelor of Arts degree in data science allows students to build foundational knowledge in machine and statistical learning through collaboration between the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. Students are encouraged to apply their newfound knowledge in different industry sectors through their chosen minor. Popular options of paired study include quantitative social sciences (with a minor in political science, sociology, or psychology), bioinformatics (with a minor in biology), and business analytics (with a minor in business administration). Data science courses utilize project-based learning with real-world data to provide students with experience they'll take into internships and careers.