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Calculators - Students in MATH 101, MATH 105, MATH 150, MATH 151, and MATH 201 are expected to have a scientific calculator. Scientific calculators can be purchased for around $10 to $15 at discount retail stores. Your professor may not allow graphing or programmable calculators to be used on graded assessments. Please view your course syllabus for details with regard to your class.

Computers - Students are not required to own a computer. There are many computer labs on campus available for student use. If you are able to purchase a personal computer, either a PC or Mac will serve you well.

Mathematics majors who have completed or are enrolled in MATH 202 can fill out and return the Bancroft 173 Access Form  in order to obtain the access code for the Mathematics Department's student computer lab.  This form is available in the Mathematics Department Office (142 Bancroft Hall).

Software - Students who enroll in MATH 202 must enroll in MAED 200 during the same semester. In MAED 200, students learn to use Mathematica as a tool for exploring and visualizing mathematical concepts. Mathematica is installed on computers in the student computer labs.  Mathematica workbooks may be used in lower-level math courses as well. Workbooks created by professors for students to use outside of class can be viewed on the free Mathematica Player.

Winthrop's site license for Mathematica now allows students to download a copy of Mathematica onto their own computers for free, as long as those computers are on campus for the download process. To download Mathematica:

  1. A window will open called the Wolfram User Portal. Select the "Create Account" button and create an account at Wolfram.
  2. Return to the original page, log in to the account just created and request a license key.
  3. Wolfram should send the key to the email address that is also the Wolfram ID for the account.
  4. Download the appropriate product from the Wolfram User Portal using the key provided.

Math education students may use Geometer's Sketch Pad for class assignments. Geometer's Sketch Pad is installed in the student computer labs.


Please visit the Winthrop University Bookstore's web page to find information regarding the required textbook(s) for your mathematics classes. 

Last Updated: 5/16/22