Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics at Winthrop University exists to instruct and inform the Winthrop community and the state of South Carolina about the beauty and applicability of mathematics. To that end, the faculty and staff of the department are committed to excellence in teaching, pursuit of meaningful scholarship, and service to students, University, and community. The department offers general courses of study for the student body at large, introductory and specialized courses for students in fields requiring a background in mathematics or statistics, a sequence of courses for students intending to teach at the elementary and/or middle level, and complete programs of study for majors and minors.

The undergraduate programs are designed to provide a broad introduction to the study of mathematics and its sub-fields and to give students the opportunity to master advanced material. The programs equip students to follow a variety of post-college paths. Graduates of the department's undergraduate programs pursue further education at graduate schools in various disciplines, teach in middle school, high school, and post-secondary settings, and hold responsible positions in businesses and governmental agencies.

The mathematics faculty is committed to ongoing scholarly activity that includes searching for new mathematical results, placing modern mathematics in its cultural and educational context, producing pedagogical materials of high quality, working with area K-12 educators, and consulting with area businesses and organizations. The faculty also serves the Winthrop community by providing counsel on mathematical and statistical issues, and the faculty serves the larger community through consulting and participation in discipline-specific professional organizations. (Created and adopted in AY2008-2009)