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Environmental Sciences and Studies

Graduate Programs

Post-graduate studies in environmental fields are quite varied. There are no standard names for the programs nor are t here standard locations within large universities. So as you are considering post-graduate studies, be sure to look widely for one or more that suit you well. As the undergraduate curricula were being designed here at Winthrop, "typical" graduate program requirements were considered. The list below is by no means all encompassing, but should serve as a starting point for your personal search.

Many programs require that you take the Graduate Record Exam. Plan ahead.

Many programs are also looking for particular course work. Plan ahead.

General list of environmental graduate programs

Programs in South Carolina

  • University of South Carolina
    • MEERM in Earth and Environmental Resource Management
    • MPH, MSPH, PhD in Environmental Health Sciences
    • MS, PhD in Marine Science
  • College of Charleston
    • MS in Environmental Studies
    • MS in Marine Biology
  • Clemson University
    • MS, PhD in Environmental Toxicology
    • MFR, MS, PhD in Forest Resources
    • MS, PhD in Plant and Environmental Sciences
    • MCRP in City and Regional Planning
    • MS in Environmental Health Physics
    • MAgEd, MS, MFR Peace Corps

Programs in neighboring states

  • NC State
    • Masters, MS, PhD in Forestry
    • Masters, MS, PhD in Fisheries and Wildlife Management
    • MSNR, MNR in Natural Resources
    • Certification in GIS
  • Duke University
    • MEM in Environmental Management
    • MF in Forestry
    • PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy
    • PhD in Marine Science and Conservation
  • UNC Chapel Hill
    • MA, MS, PhD in Ecology
    • MPH,MS, MSPH, MSENV, PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering
    • MCRP, PhD City and Regional Planning
    • MS, PhD Marine Science
  •      MA, certificate program in Environmental Studies
  •      MS in Environmental Studies
    • MPH in Global Environmental Health
  • University of Georgia
    • MS in Environmental Economics
    • MS in Environmental Health
    • MS in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development
    • MS, PhD in Ecology
    • MS, MFR, PhD in Forest Resources
    • MEPD in Environmental Planning and Design
    • MS in Marine Sciences
    • Certification Program in Environmental Ethics
  • Georgia State University
    • MS in Urban Policy Studies
    • MPH in Public Health

Environmental Law

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