Undergraduate Biology Student Testimonials


Ali Maclay, Graduated Spring 2020

Ali Maclay testimonial

The Winthrop biology department is a family. The level of care and attention you receive from the faculty and staff is not something you will find anywhere else. I am continuing my education in the Winthrop biology department by pursuing my Master's degree because of this. You really feel at home here, because everyone in the department wants every student to succeed and will help push you to be the best you can be, both academically and personally. The faculty will help you find your path and open the door for many opportunities both at Winthrop and elsewhere in the world for things like research, internships, jobs, volunteering, etc. The diversity of classes offered within the department will help anyone find their niche. I would encourage anyone with an interest in biology, regardless of level of experience, to look into Winthrop. There is something here for everyone. 

Hallie Smith, Graduated Spring 2020

Hallie Smith Testimonial

The sense of community between the students and the professors is what made Winthrop’s biology program stand out for me. These personal connections with professors not only allow for a deeper understanding in the classroom, but also several research opportunities. In my freshman year, I was a member of the SEA-PHAGES research course which then led to my undertaking of independent research projects in every year of my undergraduate degree. The fact that students are given the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors and even design independent studies rather than simply joining a team to run experiments for the professor is amazing. The faculty is also wonderful in terms of encouraging their students to pursue opportunities outside of Winthrop, such as academic conferences, networking events, and REUs. Overall, I feel that Winthrop takes the extra step to prepare students through excellent in-class teaching as well as lab research and I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in a career in research or lab sciences.

Tyler Southworth, Graduated Fall 2019

Tyler Southworth 

The Winthrop biology program gave me an understanding of the foundational principles of modern biology and their associated laboratory techniques. The faculty was extremely welcoming and willing to help with any questions I had related to classes or biology as a whole. The other students were equally warm and I formed many strong relationships with my peers. The department encourages students to go the extra mile and conduct research. There are tons of opportunities to do so, whether it be in class or individually with a faculty member of your choice. I found that research conducted in class during lab gave me a better understanding of how long-term research goals are set and pursued. Classes that incorporate semester-long research often result in the students presenting their work in multiple different methods, which is a core skill for any future research scientist. I also conducted individual research in my time at Winthrop that allowed me to get experience in a subdiscipline of biology that I wouldn’t get to explore otherwise. I presented my research in poster form in the Houk Prize poster competition and I gave a talk about it at the departmental seminar, both of which were rewarding experiences. My time in the department allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills to be a confident scientist while contributing meaningfully to both the department and the science as a whole through my research experiences.

Holly Owens, Graduated Fall 2018

Holly Owens Testimonial

The Biology Department at Winthrop is a truly a family environment where you will always feel welcomed and included. The professors go above and beyond to make themselves accessible for questions and they are always willing to work with you and help you become confident in the subject matter. There are also plenty of opportunities to conduct research in a field that interests you! You will get the chance work one-on-one with professors to learn new lab techniques and take advantage of the excellent facilities here. In addition, you will have opportunities to present your research and attend conferences where you can network with other scientists in the field. I am currently a first year medical student at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Being a biology student at Winthrop not only gave me the foundations to prepare my medical school application, but also provided me with the strong basic science background I needed to succeed in graduate school. No matter what your career goals are, the faculty here will mentor and support you in achieving those ambitions.