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Jessica Cloy, Graduated 2006

The extraordinary support of faculty and their genuine concern for the success of their students make the Biology MS program truly unique. Many of the graduate classes involved small group discussions. Hearing the perspectives of other graduate students and faculty on various topics taught me how to think and question like a scientist. This approach also encouraged communication and bonding with fellow graduate students.  I highly recommend this program to creative students that harbor a desire to become true scientists.  Currently, I am enrolled in the Marine Biomedicine program at the Medical University of South Carolina. I am part of a research lab that aims to answer important questions in the field of reproductive endocrinology. We use the American alligator as a sentinel species to study the effects of exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. On the weekends, I teach environmental education courses at the SEWEE Environmental Center, an interpretive center for the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge and Francis Marion National Forest.

Jennifer Hutchison, Graduated 2009

After earning a Master's degree in Biology from Winthrop University in 2009, I began working at the US Environmental Protection Agency in Research Triangle Park, NC.  I provide assistance in the Toxicology/Pharmacokinetics Branch.  I have recently been accepted into a doctoral program in Physiological Sciences at the University of Arizona, Tucson.  What attracted me to this degree is that the program takes an interdisciplinary approach to learning; I am excited to be able to continue my educational journey in the fall.

Student Experiences

Pooja Pardhanani, a graduate student in Dr. Laura Glasscock's lab, carries out an assay for her thesis work on prostate cancer. 

Winthrop graduate student Amy Seidewand and a Peruvian colleague Marcos Tello carry out a primate conservation project in the ACRCTT reserve in the Peruvian Amazon.    

Biology graduate student Lauren Frisoli presents the results of her master's research on the behavioral ecology of Peruvian saki monkeys at the American Society of Primatology meetings in San Diego, September 2009.    

Winthrop graduate student Janie Manning carries out research on ethnobotany in the ACRCTT communal reserve in the Peruvian Amazon.    

Dr. Bill Rogers and his graduate student Holly Cadmus collect data on Amazonian river dolphins in the ACRCTT reserve in Peru.    

One of Dr. Laura Glasscock's graduate students, Kris Bennett, carries out research on the role of thrombomodulin in prostate cancer angiogenesis.  

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