SEA-PHAGES Conference Presentations


Adam Zeitz, Melody Iacino, Madison Workman, Sierra Davis, Hallie Smith, Shelbie Broach, and Nate Knight at WU SOURCE Conference

SC ASM ASM SC Branch Meeting Francis Marion University

ASMSC ASM SC Branch Meeting at Winthrop University

ASMSC Hallie Smith wins an award at the ASM SC Branch Meeting

SCASM SEA students explaining their work to other students and faclty at ASM SC

Phage Research Students Hallie Smith and Cameron Sellers present their phage research and receive lab coats at the awards ceremony

SEA Symposium

Hallie Smith and Melody Iacino attend the National SEA-PHAGES Symposium

Janelia Faculty from Universities across the USA and beyond that make up the SEA

Janelia Dr. Frost with Winthrop University students standing with Dr. Weir and Queen's University students at the SEA Symposium