Houk Independent Research Prize Recipients

    Spring 2024 Houk Award Winner Michelle Aguilar-Gaspar

    Michelle Aguilar-Gaspar
    Traditional Mechanism of RYBP silencing in GBM cells.

Previous 1st Place Winners

Spring 2022 Carlos Escoto-Diaz

    • Mackenzie Jenkins for her work: Structure of salt march and maritime forest plant communities: possible impacts of increasing salinity due to rising sea level.
      Allyssa Lewis for her work: Isolating, Purifying, and Investigating Mycobacterial Lysogens
      Allison Reed for her work: Investigating the Effects of Semaphorin 3A on Different Aged Chick Retinal Ganglion Cells.

Spring 2020 Caroline Hammond

Spring 2019 Chandani Mitchell

Spring 2018 Natalie Mseis

Spring 2017 Arielle Black

Spring 2016 Lauren Green

Spring 2015 Elijah Wyatt

Spring 2014 James Vinton

Spring 2013 James Vinton

Spring 2012 Ashley Bateman

Spring 2011 Joseph Bursey

Spring 2010 Sarah Johnson Spring

Spring 2009 Audrey Parrish

Spring 2008 Amanda Clark

Fall 2007 Diana Soteropoulos

Fall 2006 Jenny Johnson