Winthrop University: Department of Biology - Conservation/Ecology Internships


Possible Conservation/Ecology Locations

Students wishing to pursue careers in conservation and ecology or graduate programs in related fields benefit from hands-on internship experience. Many graduate programs look for applicants with previous research and/or work experience and an internship can be a great way to explore different professions in this field. Below are options to consider, but there are many other internship locations that can be arranged. 

Anne Springs Close Greenway

Bartlett Tree Labs - Arboriculture Internship

Bartlett Tree Labs - Research Internship

Catawba Farm and Food Coalition

J & J Family Farm

SCDNR Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

Wildlife management Internship Program

SCDNR internship application

For more information about internships in biology contact:
Dr. Silvia Wozniak
office: Dalton 106
phone: 323-2111, ext.6435


Last Updated: 1/11/23