Application Information

How do I apply?
Applications are available online from Winthrop University Graduate Studies. The MS in Biology program uses a scoring system based on applicants' GPA and GRE verbal and quantitative scores to determine eligibility for admission. You can find this in the most current version of the graduate catalog. Eligible applicants are reviewed by the Biology Graduate Admissions Committee and interviewed by 2-3 members of the committee. The decision to admit is then made at the discretion of the department.  

Thesis or Nonthesis?
Applicants should indicate clearly in their statement of purpose whether they want to be considered for admission under the thesis or nonthesis option. After submitting the application those interested in the thesis option will be contacted by the Graduate Director and asked to get in touch with 2-3 faculty members to discuss possible thesis research topics. It isn't necessary to have an exact research topic at this point — the goal here is to find common areas of interest with at least one faculty member that may lead to a specific topic and to see if funding for a project is available. Keep in mind that not all graduate faculty have openings in their labs for new graduate students each year.

When Should I apply?
Most applicants are accepted for the fall semester when we offer Biology 601 (Theory and Method in Biology), our foundational course for new graduate students. Apply early! We have limited places and early applicants are more likely to find a faculty member who has an opening for a new student and to have a better opportunity for financial support.

Deadline for fall applications: April 15th

Master of Science Biology