Winthrop University: Campus Master Plan - Process

Campus Master Plan


Aligning Winthrop’s physical environment with its mission and vision is key to the university’s successful future. A three phase process will include information gathering, scenario planning, and creating a roadmap for the next 10+ years. Our process depends on the thoughtful input of important stakeholders, including: 

  • Students
  • Faculty and staff
  • Alumni
  • Facilities Management
  • Administration
  • Board of Trustees
  • City of Rock Hill
  • York County

View the fall 2021 Campus Master Plan engagement sessions.

Phase 1 – Bring Information Together

Interviews and Focus Groups
Analysis and Concept Plan

Phase 2 – Explore Options

Scenario Planning

Phase 3 – Make a Roadmap (current emphasis)

Draft Plan and Phasing
Final Presentations

Last Updated: 1/9/23