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This Degree Program Is Temporarily Suspended

Asking the question "what if" is a key requirement of our Master of Arts in Art Education Program. The MAAE is a learner based program designed for certified art teachers who wish to continue their professional/educational development. Plans are underway to enhance the offerings through the design of a low-residency, lock-step program beginning in the summer of 2010. The program will emphasize creative-design problem solving, curriculum development, leadership and empowerment OF students.

Though the delivery of the program will be enhanced, the innovative interpretation of art educational standards and cross disciplinary learning will continue to be reinforced as goals of the program.

Here are a few more ideas we are developing for the MAAE Program:

The modified M.A. in Art Education will be a low-residency program making it more accessible to certified art teachers who are working professionals.

The first cohort of the two-year program will begin at Winthrop in the summer of 2010 offering 6 credit hours each summer, fall and spring session through the spring of 2012. We are initially looking at a 2-week summer session each summer while the fall and spring courses will be offered one weekend per month.

The 36 credit hour program will be a lock-step, cohort program accepting new candidates every two years. The proposed modifications to the M.A. in Art Education Program will create a clearly defined timeframe for increased degree completions.

Though portions of the program will be writing intensive, the thesis will be project oriented with each candidate's K-12 classroom AS a potential study project providing a renewed interest in curriculum enhancement within K-12.

The M.A. in Art Education will utilize existing faculty in the College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences; the Department of Fine Arts including Arts Education, Art History and Studio; and qualified area Arts Education professionals to staff the program over each two-year lock-step cohort.

M.A. in Art Education (pdf - 4.5 MB)