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We in the West Forum are committed to keeping our students and community informed on all things politics and policy. Here you will find a wide array of information from previous events. These events are also on our YouTube if you wish to view them! If you have any questions or need additional information, please reach out to us at


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The mission of the Voter Friendly Campus designation is to bolster efforts that help students overcome barriers to participating in the political process. Winthrop was evaluated based on a campus plan about how the university would engage student voters, how it facilitated voter engagement efforts on the campus and a final analysis of the institution’s efforts.

Check out this article to learn more:

Winthrop Once Again Named A Voter Friendly Campus

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Gold Voter Seal


The West Forum focuses on programs, events, and activities that promote civic engagement, focus on pressing issues of the day, and seek to encourage individual involvement in community affairs of all types. Winthrop's motto of Live, Learn, Lead fits well with Mr. West's initiative of preparing the next generation of citizens and leaders for upcoming challenges that the world will be asked to face. The West Forum seeks to do just these things: promote leadership and educate its citizens.

Last Updated: 5/17/22