Requesting Allocations

Student Allocations Timeline

All applications for funding are due the Tuesday before interviews by 4:00 p.m. to the Student Engagement Office DIGS 269. Applications are reviewed and schedule for interviews according to the schedule below. Groups may apply for funding during the Fall for events in the Spring. Groups must apply at least two weeks before the event or travel that funds are requested for. Please plan ahead, lack of planning on your organizations part does not constitute an emergency on the committee. Please remember the committee members are all full time students. 

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

SAC Training 
DIGS ROOM 114    

     Packet Due 

  SAC Interview

Friday, Sept. 16th   

Tuesday, Sept. 20th          

Friday, Sept. 23rd

Friday, Oct. 7th            

Tuesday, Oct. 11th  

Friday, Oct. 14th  

Friday, Oct. 28th  

Tuesday, Nov. 1st 

Friday, Nov. 4th  

Friday, Nov. 11th  

Tuesday, Nov. 15th  

Friday, Nov. 18th  

Friday, Jan. 13th  

Tuesday, Jan. 17th  

Friday, Jan. 20th  

Friday, Jan. 27th  

Tuesday, Jan. 31st 

Friday, Feb. 3rd  

Friday, Feb. 17th  

Tuesday, Feb. 21st

Friday, Feb. 24th  

Friday, Mar. 3rd  

Tuesday, Mar. 7th  

Friday, Mar. 10th  


Steps to Receive Funding

If your organization wants to request allocations for an upcoming event, follow these 5 simple steps!

Step 1: Attend SAC Training.

Send a representative to a SAC Training Session to learn more about the allocations process. This is mandatory for all organizations interested in receiving funds. A list of SAC Training dates can be found HERE.

The Power Point from training is available HERE (PDF-844 KB)

Registration to attend training is highly encouraged at least 24 hours before the date of training. To register for SAC Training, please click HERE.

Step 2: Refer to SAC Guidelines

Read over the Funding Guidelines to make sure your event will be eligible for funding. These guidelines will also help in determining how much money your organization may be eligible to receive.

Step 3: Apply for funding based on the timeline above.

Fill out the Allocations Request Packet that fits your event. 

SAC Packet (pdf- 319 KB)   
Travel Request  (pdf- 407 KB)

  • Event Worksheet (Pg. 1)
    •  Get actual estimates for the programs and events you are going to request money for.
    •  Get any relevant background materials for each event you are requesting money for.  Any supporting documentation for each event that will help the committee to understand the event and its purpose.
  • Budget Information Sheet (Pg. 2)
    • Make an organizational Budget, including where your organization receives additional funding.
  • Event Justification Worksheet (Pg. 3)
    • Be sure to make the descriptions as clear and detailed as possible. If completed properly an interview may not be necessary

Once you have finished your application, bring it to DIGS 269 before the application deadline in the timeline above.

Step 4: Prepare for the interview.

Prepare to go to the Interview before the Student Allocations Committee. You should be prepared to answer questions about any of the following:

  • Detailed questions about estimates on the Event worksheet.
  • Your organization's complete Budget (including dues, fundraisers, and any other sources of income)
  • Detailed questions about each event and whom the event will benefit.
  • Why SAC should fund your request.

Step 5: Interview for SAC Funding.

Your organization will receive an invitation from the SAC Administrator to attend an upcoming SAC Interview. Make sure you show up to the your scheduled SAC Interview prepared and on time. The person that attends this meeting for your organization should be prepared to answer any questions that SAC may ask.

Step 6: If awarded funding.

Make an appointment with Student Engagement to arrange a time to discuss how to access your allocated funds. If hosting an event on campus please make sure to use the SAC logo. The SAC logo is available to download.

Make sure you fill out post event and post travel forms. Post Event Form

Step 7: If awarded funds for travel.

Once all travel restrictions are lifted, you will fill out a Travel Authorization in Student Engagement and turn in an emergency contact list before you travel. If a travel authorization is not received you will not be able to use your funds.  After the conference fill out and return the post-travel form. If seeking reimbursement for travel expenses, the reimbursement will not be processed until a completed post travel form is received.