Prospective Military Students

Whether you are looking to enter a university for the first-time or you are already a seasoned student, we are excited you are interested in joining our community.

Admission to Winthrop University is competitive, and admission decisions are made based on a wide variety of criteria. Admission to Winthrop University is coordinated by the Office of Admissions, which can be contacted at 803/323-2191 or by visiting Joynes Hall. Please visit the Office of Admission with questions about the admissions process.

Based on your individual circumstances, there are several options for applying to Winthrop University.

If you are 24 years or younger, you can apply either as a first-time freshman or transfer student.

A first-time freshman applicant is an individual who has either completed a high school degree or GED, but has not completed any college credit. Applicants who have earned dual enrollment credit while in high school or have AP/IB credit would still classify as a first-time freshman. Information regarding the application process for the freshman applicant can be found online.  If you are applying to Winthrop as a first-time freshman, we encourage you to contact our office directly so we can get you connected to all appropriate resources and options available to you as a student veteran.

A transfer applicant is an individual who has earned college credit at another college or university. There are different criteria for admission based on the number of credit hours earned. Information regarding the application process for the transfer applicant can be found online. If you classify as a transfer applicant, please visit the "transfer student" section of our Resource Center for Adult Students website for even more information!

If you are 25 years or older, you should apply as a post-traditional student.

Post-traditional students, whether beginning as a first-time freshman or returning as a transfer student, follow a special admissions process. To apply for admission to Winthrop as a post-traditional student, you must be age 25 or older by the first day of classes for the term for which you are applying. You also must be seeking a degree by enrolling in college for the first time, continuing undergraduate work begun in the past, or seeking a second undergraduate degree.

For more details about the post-traditional student application process and support services, please visit the "Post-Traditional Student" section of our University College Academic Advising website.