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Hello. My name is Jeremy Nasekos, and I a recent graduate of Winthrop University. I am from Rock Hill, South Carolina originally. I served five years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps in multiple infantry units. I received my Honorable Discharge in August of 2011, and now I'm on Active Reserve in Columbia, South Carolina. I began my college career at Winthrop University in January of 2012.

Profile: Nasekos, JeremyThe reason I chose to attend Winthrop University was because it was in my home town, and I thought it would make the transition easier from active duty military to that of a college student. I intended to transfer to another school after getting my feet wet with the rigors of college life, but I eventually decided to stay at Winthrop and make it my home. The main reason I decided to stay is because Winthrop is a smaller campus, and I feel that I benefit more from the smaller classes. The teachers encourage self-growth and are always very accommodating to my military background and my current status with the Reserves. Another reason I chose to make Winthrop my home is because of the university's ever expanding benefits for Veterans which is not present at some schools. I can tell in my short time at Winthrop that the faculty and university care about the veterans that attend Winthrop.

I served as President of the Student Veterans of Winthrop University. I joined the organization originally out of necessity. They needed one more officer to continue their charter; however, that necessity has grown into enjoyment. The Student Veterans organization allowed me to meet other veterans around campus and make many friends who are not veterans. I also played on several intramural sports team that are sponsored by the Student Veterans and take part in philanthropic events that help the students of Winthrop and the city we live in.

I encourage veterans and any student to join us at Winthrop. No matter what your background is or what you want for you future, Winthrop will gladly help and support you through your college career. I ask any veteran or family members who do decide to attend Winthrop to seek out our organization. For those other students who are not veterans, you are more than welcome to join us and participate in what we have to offer. There are a plethora of organizations at Winthrop, and I believe that without a doubt there is one out there for every student.