1. Campus Beautification Initiative's Winthrop Year of Service

Thank you faculty and staff members who pledged a year of service to REVITALIZING WINTHROP 2021-2022 academic year!

This community engagement commitment program is for facutly and staff members. Sometimes resources get stretched and "many hands" are needed to carry out necessary work. Participation helps elevate school spirit, community making, and encourages investment in campus care. Pledging signifies commitment to any number of projects or hours that suit your availability. Generally, projects will be scheduled between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Those who pledge to commit, at year’s end, will be recognized at the Faculty, Staff, Retiree Awards Ceremony.                

Benefits to participants:

  • Meet community service requirements.
  • Fulfill professional stewardship requirements.
  • Strengthen camaraderie among colleagues.
  • Increase positive sense of well-being.

REVITALIZING WINTHROP aims to have several 1 to 3 hour projects during the 2021-22 academic school year: landscaping (planting and watering plants, spreading mulch, etc.) general cleanup, and supporting Facilities. Calls will be placed for project volunteers on a project-by-project basis.

Policies & Guidelines 

Safety of all the REVITALIZING WINTHROP volunteers is important to us. These policies and guidelines are vital to efforts: 

2. "Adopt-A-Site" Program for Student Organizations, Clubs, and Sports Teams

Thank you to the organizations who signed up for the Adopt-A-Site program 2021-2022 academic year!

This volunteer engagement program is for student organizations, clubs, and sports teams. It functions in a similar way to the "Adopt-A-Highway" program. Thank you for enrolling your organization and clubs! 

  • Organizations, clubs, teams get paired with a site on campus, per their preferences
  • Members routinely visit their site for clean-up each month throughout the year, setting set their schedules for accomplishing tasks, based upon their availability
  • Tasks include general clean-up, trash pick-up, and light, seasonal gardening periodically (coordinated with Facilities Management)
  • Coaches and Advisors act as liaisons with REVITALIZING WINTHROP, touching base periodically
  • Members benefit from gaining a positive sense of ownership, pride of place, and may earn service credits
  • Members can fulfill stewardship commitments, strengthen camaraderie among their colleagues, and increase our collective sense of positive well-being
  • Goals are elevating school spirit, enhancing community, and encouraging investment in campus care
  • For recognition, sites and organization, club, and team titles are posted on Winthrop's social media accounts, the REVITALIZING WINTHROP website, and we hope sites will adorn signs in the future.

Sites (grounds surrounding):

  • 1-Student Activity Center & Withers/WTS & Parking Lot - 
  • 2-Dacus Library & Parking Lot - Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority
  • 3-Joynes, Phelps, & Lee Wicker -
  • 4-Byrnes Auditorium, Memorial Circle & Eden Ter Entrance - Pi Kappa Phi
  • 5-Little Chapel & Founder's Parking Lot -
  • 6-Campus Green - Winthrop Univeristy Association of Black Journalists 
  • 7-Bancroft, Kinard & Parking Areas - SOAR
  • 8-Scholars Walk & Owens, Crawford - Winthrop Women's Track & Field
  • 9-Artesian Well, Margaret Nance, Tillman & Parking Areas -
  • 10-McLaurin, Rutledge & Parking Areas - Zeta Tau Alpha Soroity
  • 11-Roddey, Johnson, Johnson Parking Lot - National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • 12-Hardin Garden - National Association of Leadership & Success
  • 13-Courtyard & Parking Lot - Winthrop Women's Basketball
  • 14-Sims, Dalton, & Dalton Parking Lot - Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society
  • 15-Thurmond, Carroll, Macfeat, & Parking Areas - Ratio Christi 
  • 16-Stone House, Tennis Complex & Parking Areas -
  • 17-Winthrop Coliseum & Parking Lots - Winthrop Women's Golf
  • 18-Driving Range, Golf Course, & Parking Lot - Winthrop Men's & Women's Soccer
  • 19-Winthrop Lake Loop, Shack, & Parking Lot - Club Soccer
  • 20-Ballpark, Stands, Parking Lot, & Surroundings - Winthrop Baseball
  • 21-Dinkins, Charlotte Ave, & Parking Lot - 
  • 22-Track, Lacrosse/ Soccer, & Parking Lot - Winthrop Women's Lacrosse
  • 23-Softball & Parking Lot - Winthrop Softball
  • 24-Intermural Fields & Volleyball Courts - 

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