Winthrop Marketplace

Winthrop University now offers a secure way for University Departments and Organizations to collect online payments.

Winthrop University Marketplace provides campus departments and organizations with an online tool to organize, operate and manage payments for events, products, and general payments.  Marketplace is available to academic departments, as well as all faculty, staff, and student functions and organizations.

Marketplace is the e-commerce solution for Winthrop departments and organizations.  This secure, online e-commerce environment is a cornerstone module of the TouchNet Commerce Management System that helps colleges and universities automate, manage, and secure campus-wide payments and related business transactions. TouchNet has been a partner with Winthrop for years as they currently process our students online payments through Wingspan.

Marketplace is fully integrated with our Banner ERP and can feed transactions directly to each individual department's revenue account in Banner. Visit the Winthrop University Marketplace Mall to see some of the departments and organizations who currently have uStores.

Benefits of Marketplace


Support a wide variety of online commerce activities across campus, from tickets, events, and continuing education to donations, merchandise, and more. Each site is designed to meet each department or organization's individual needs.

College/University Branding

Tailored web pages meet the look and feel requirements of institutional branding.

Compliant Payment Processing

Provide secure, PA-DSS compliant payment processing for any web-based application, moving campus-wide payments into one centralized, certified payment application. TouchNet is fully certified with the latest cardholder information security standards, including both the Payment Applications Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). All components of TouchNet UCommerce have been certified as PA-DSS compliant.

Please note that Marketplace uStores must adhere to Winthrop University's E-Commerce Policy. All other Winthrop policies must be followed when utilizing Marketplace, including but not limited to, policies pertaining to financial management, information security, privacy, and collection of student data under FERPA.

Centralized Reconciliation

View reports online, on demand for all stores and payment pages across multiple campus merchants.


Gather registration and demographic information, as well as process payments for your organization, in a single transaction. Marketplace is a public site available for registration or payment nationwide 24/7.

Getting Started

  • If you are a new merchant, contact to set up an initial consultation meeting with the Marketplace Manager. Together you will discuss how Marketplace can help your department or organization receive information and payments you need to collect.
  • If you are an existing merchant that would like to create a new uStore, please fill out the Marketplace uStore Application (pdf - 177 KB) to begin the process.
  • If your Winthrop department or organization has questions about Marketplace uStores, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 803/323-2600 x6031.