Winthrop Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we be trained to manage our store?
Most stores will be set-up by the Marketplace Manager as well as products. The only training necessary will be a short walk through of your store once it is ready to go live. The Marketplace Manager will go over how to view/download reports, fulfilling orders, looking up an order, and basic navigation. Printed materials are also available to assist you in these activities by going to Forms Online.

Will there be potential down times?
Yes, occasionally the TouchNet application will be down for upgrades or Winthrop year-end processing (end of June). You will be notified when down time is scheduled.

What payment options can we accept in our store?
At this time, we are only allowing stores to accept Credit/Debit cards branded with the 4 major credit card companies; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. In the future, stores may be given the option to offer payment by electronic check (ACH). More information regarding policies and procedures for uStores accepting ACH will be shared at a later time.

How do we grant additional users access to our Marketplace uStore?
Contact us by e-mail at Please specify what type of access the additional users need:

  • View/Download Reports
  • Fulfill/Cancel Orders (with Refund Rights)
  • Fulfill/Cancel Orders (without Refund Rights)

The new user will be e-mailed a copy of the Marketplace User Agreement to read and sign. Once the form has been returned, the user will be set up in the TouchNet application and sent instructions.

How long does it take to set up a Marketplace uStore?
Most stores can be set up between 2 weeks and 45 days.  Various factors will determine how quickly your new uStore can be set up.  Most common factors that will affect the store setup include:

  • Marketplace Manager's workload (August and December will result in slower set up times)
  • Complexity of the products/store design
  • Availability of the Merchant to communicate with Marketplace Manager and provide product details and feedback on store during setup and testing.

Is the buyer's payment credit/debit card charged immediately?
If your product is set to be fulfilled automatically, then the credit card is authorized and charged at the time of transaction.  If your products are NOT automatically fulfilled, the credit card is authorized when the order is placed, and charged when the order is fulfilled.

Are there costs associated with taking credit card payments?
Yes, if someone makes a payment using a credit card, the credit card fees that the University pays is charged to your departmental budget each month. The fees average between 1-3% of the total credit card payments for the month. Budget numbers are verified by the Associate VP of Finance and Business for accuracy and appropriateness. For this reason, it is recommended that merchants consider these fees when determining costs for their items and, if necessary, build the fees into the price. Fees cannot be assessed to the customer directly.

Is Marketplace PCI-Compliant?
Yes! Winthrop University is subject to the rules, regulations and contractual provisions regarding the handling of payment cards and cardholder data as defined by PCI/Data Security Standards (PCI/DSS).  Marketplace is one of the tools we are currently using to ensure that we uphold these standards. For more information about PCI Security Standards, please visit the Official PCI Security Standards Council website.

What type of products or services could our Marketplace uStore provide?
Marketplace can be used for all sorts of products including:

  • Testing Fees
  • Event Tickets
  • Conference Registration/Payment
  • Camps
  • Workshops
  • Application Fees/Deposits
  • Physical Inventory
  • Travel Fees
  • Invoice payments
  • Dues
  • Memberships
  • Digital Products
  • Even $0 items
  • And much, much more!