Association of Ebonites

The Association of Ebonites (AOE), the first African-American student organization, was chartered in 1969 in order to promote and further the understanding of Black culture to Winthrop and the surrounding communities.

The organization, under the leadership of its first president, Patricia Ware Brown '70, '72, sponsored "Black Week" on campus.

Over time, members recognized the importance of music in the African-American experience, and thus the Ebonites Gospel Choir was formed under the direction and leadership of Barbara Boyd Wilson '82. To this day, the choir remains open to anyone who wishes to participate.

The Association of Ebonites was revived in 2022.

Founding Members

  • Sally Bertha '70, '82
  • Patricia Ware Brown '70, '72
  • Cynthia Ann Lewis '70
  • Ernestine Lemmon Reese '70
  • Jacqueline Venning '70, '73
  • Bennie Chaplin Wooten '70
  • Sheila Frasier Anderson '71
  • Geraldine Feemster Bostick '71
  • Gloria J. Chisholm Dixon '71
  • Meta Wright Waldon '71
  • Beverly Love Wallace '71
  • Mari Richardson Bolden '72
  • Patricia Jackson Cokley '72
  • Winifred Edwards Simpson '72
  • Vicki Young '72
  • Claudette Hopkins
  • Bernice White 

1970: Association of Ebonites

1970 Tatler: The newly organized Ebonites, endeavor to promote greater awareness of
Black culture through regular meeting. A Fashion Show was sponsored by the club in November.

Left to Right
First Row: Sheila L. Frasier, Patricia Ware (President), Bernice White (Vice-President), Bennie Chaplin
(Secretary), Beverly Love (Corresponding Secretary), Vicki Young (Treasurer), Meta Wright (Parliamentarian),
Jacqueline Venning, Patricia Jackson
Second Row: Sally Bertha, Ernestine Lemmon, Claudette Hopkins, Mari Richardson, Gloria J. Chisholm,
Geraldine Feemster, Cynthia Ann Lewis, Winifred Edwards


Association of Ebonites 2022

When the Association of Ebonites reformed in 2022, the university hosted a panel, "Let Me Clear My Throat," a discussion describing the Black Winthrop and Association of Ebonites experience through a multi-generational outlook.