Events Schedule

The Winthrop University community commemorates the institution’s 60th anniversary of integration beginning in April 2024. Planned events over the rest of of the year allow the community to come together, remember, and reflect on the contributions of the African Americans who helped pave the way for the access and diversity that today characterizes the Winthrop experience. Please join us for the activities. Members of the Rock Hill and surrounding community are welcome to attend. Additional events will be added as they are scheduled.


Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: 60th Anniversary of Integration 

Saturday, April 6 | 4-6 p.m.
Richardson Ballroom, located in the DiGiorgio Campus Center

This year marks a momentous occasion at Winthrop - the 60th anniversary of integration. Join us on Saturday, April 6 from 4-6 p.m. in Richardson Ballroom, located in the DiGiorgio Campus Center, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Black pioneers who broke barriers that led to integration at Winthrop in the 1960s. This commemorative event will honor the trailblazing legacy of Delores Johnson Hurt '68, the late Arnetta Gladden Mackey '67, Cynthia Plair Roddey '67, and Sue Frances Meriwether Steed '67, whose bravery as the first Black students to enroll at Winthrop marked a significant milestone in the university's history.

The event's keynote speaker is Kambrell Garvin ’13, principal attorney and owner of Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, and a current member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. At Winthrop, Kambrell served two terms as student body president, as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees and as a voting member of the 10th Presidential Search and Selection Committee. As a student leader, he utilized his organizing skills and headed efforts that successfully registered over 1,000 new voters, addressed voter disenfranchisement and lobbied state lawmakers to make public education funding a greater priority.

Attendees can anticipate inspiring insights from our distinguished keynote speaker and a delightful spread of food, fostering a sense of community and reflection on Winthrop's journey toward inclusivity and diversity.

Event tickets are $50/person. Tickets purchased by alumni, faculty, staff and community members allow Winthrop students to attend at no cost. Purchase your ticket here.

This commemorative event is co-sponsored by the Winthrop University Black Alumni Council, the Association of Ebonites, and the African American Studies minor, with support from the Winthrop Alumni Association and the Council of Student Leaders.