Alumni: Student Mentorship

In Part Three, of Winthrop's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Flight Ready, the Alumni Office and the Center for Career Development and Internships will lead the establishment of a university-wide alumni mentorship network open to all Winthrop student. This component includes:

  • Alumni Mentor Recruitment – To launch a new alumni mentorship network, recruiting
    prospective mentors began in Year 0 and will continue throughout and beyond Year 5. This type
    of network requires that the mentor pool be well established prior to the recruitment of mentees.
    The mentor program will be marketed to alumni via the Alumni Association website, e-mails to
    alumni, the alumni publication the Winthrop Insider, social media, and the Graduway platform
    itself, “Winthrop Connect”.

  • Alumni Mentorship Network Pilot – Year 1, Academic Year 2022-23, is the alumni
    mentorship network’s pilot year with a fall launch. In Year 1 there will be a sufficient number of
    alumni mentors registered in Graduway (the network platform) across a variety of job functions
    to create a sustainable pool for recruiting matches in interested student mentees. Graduway tool
    functions will have been tested and all essential elements will be established, including the
    systematic inclusion of both pre- and post- assessments for both mentors and mentees.

  • Alumni Mentee Recruitment – Targeted mentee recruitment efforts will begin in Year 1.
    The mentor program will be marketed to students via the Center for Career Development and
    Internship (CDI) webpages, announcements in presentations to classes, standalone information
    sessions introducing the Alumni Mentorship Network, daily announcements, “Handshake” e-mail,
    CDI Instagram, Tabling, posting of program success stories through video on the alumni
    webpages, and partnerships with other student organizations.

  • Alumni Mentorship Participant Assessment – Program effectiveness data from network
    participants, both mentors and mentees, will be formally collected beginning with the pilot launch
    in fall of Year 1 and continuing throughout the Flight Ready initiative. Focus groups with
    student mentees who have completed the alumni mentorship opportunity will take place.