Research Analyses

Institutional Effectiveness conducts research analyses on a wide variety of topics of importance to the University. Recent topics have included:

  • a pilot viability index study for departmental and program health metrics,
  • an analysis of the impact of the modified grading system on GPA and other student success metrics, and
  • automated report generation for student profiles, the Common Data Set, college course success rates, and other regularly recurring reports and surveys.

Institutional Effectiveness is capable of helping Winthrop faculty and staff extract useful knowledge and insights from data using data science methodologies. This may include predictive classifications, regression models, clustering, or reduction methods.

If you are a Winthrop employee who wishes to conduct research analysis on existing data that is related to the operation of the University, or if you wish to schedule an appointment to explore how Institutional Effectiveness can help provide you with data insights, please complete the Institutional Research Analysis Request Form.

Research requests will be prioritized based on the potential of the analysis for advancing institutional effectiveness, as well as the availability of necessary resources.