Institutional Research Internal Data Request Form

To better serve you both efficiently and effectively, please review the information that is already available to you on: 

If you cannot find what you are looking for after reviewing these webpages, please complete the appropriate data request form described below. This helps manage workloads, avoids duplication of effort, and allows us to track trends of requested information, thus keeping us aware of campus needs.

Please be as specific as possible in describing the data you need. If you receive follow-up questions to clarify your request, please reply promptly. The completion time of your request may vary, depending on the time of year, complexity of request and number of pending requests. The office of Institutional Research strives to fill data requests  within 10 business days.

Not sure which Request Form to use? Read our helpful guide (pdf - 149 KB)

Institutional Research 

Submit a request for official data not currently found on the I.R. website

IR Data Request Form


Submit a request for a research analysis on a wide variety of topics using data science methodologies

RA Request Form


Submit a request for live data, programming updates or issues


BIDM Request Form

Some examples of recent data requests include:

Institutional Research Research Analyses BIDM
  • Summary table of First Generation status of students in a specific major.

  • List of students in a specific major including each student's First Generation status.

  • Report of retention in the major to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year.

  • Analysis of the impact of the modified grading system on GPA.

  • List of all currently enrolled graduate students not yet registered for the upcoming term.

  • Add a new data element to an existing WebFocus report.

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