Winthrop University: Institutional Surveys

Institutional Surveys

    The Department of Institutional Effectiveness administers Winthrop University Graduating Senior Survey (GSS) one week prior to Commencement to the previous most recent spring, fall and summer graduating seniors. The GSS includes questions regarding respondents’ post-graduation plans and outcomes, as well as questions regarding their experiences while at Winthrop University.

      GSS 2020-21

      GSS 2019-20

      GSS 2018-19


    A report of the summary of findings from Winthrop's most recently graduated students awarded baccalaureat and graduate degrees between the summer from 3 years ago and the most recent spring commencement. Winthrop adminsters institutional level surveys to follow achievements of its alumni, to better understand alumni perceptions related to Winthrop’s academic and student support programs and services, and identify opportunities to continue improving the University’s programs and services.

      ALUMNI SURVEY 2022

      Alumni Survey 2020

      Alumni Survey 2018

      Alumni Survey 2016


      NSSE 2022

Last Updated: 11/22/22