Funding Opportunities Search

Funding Opportunities Search

There is a wide range of funding opportunities available to faculty and staff. These include support for research, program design and implementation, curriculum development, fellowships and awards, conferences, travel, capital equipment and infrastructure outlays, and publishing. Wading through countless funding announcements and finding the best match can be a daunting task. GSRD is happy to assist you in your funding search. Please make an appointment with us to discuss your proposal idea so that we can better assist you in finding opportunities that meet your needs.


Steps to Finding Funding Opportunities

  • Identify the hypothesis or programmatic or curricular need
  • Consider the nature and scope of work to be completed
  • Consider resources needed to execute project
  • Create an exhaustive key word list for your search
  • Review all types of funding sources including federal, state, and local agencies; foundations; non-profit organizations; corporations; and other for-profit companies
  • Be patient -- keep looking until you find something that you are eligible for and that fits your needs (it is out there!)
  • Complete the Intent to Apply for External Funding Form (PDF - 203 KB) once you determine that you meet the eligibility and program requirements for the funding announcement

See Identifying Funding Sources (PDF - 2.60 MB) for a detailed tutorial on searching for funding opportunities.


Funding Search Aids

Be sure to search for funding opportunities in the SPIN database. This is a comprehensive warehouse of funding opportunities created and maintained by InfoEd. Click on Sign In / Need to Create a New Profile to create a new profile. Enter the information requested. An e-mail will be sent to GSRD (Kristin Smith) to set-up an account so you can access SPIN.


External Sponsor List
Go to our List of Sponsors which includes federal, state, and private funding sources. We consistently add new sponsors to this list so be sure to check it often.



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