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Program and Scholarship Details

Winthrop's Eagle STEM Scholars Program educates and trains undergraduate biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, and math students for direct matriculation into biomedical science, computer science, math, and environmental science PhD programs or for direct entry into graduate health professional schools. Selected scholars are first-generation undergraduates, college students with financial need, or members of groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. The Eagle STEM program prepares students for graduate work through long-term engagement in laboratory research as well as scholarly activities that include a rigorous science and math curriculum, academic seminars, and a strong community of like-minded and motivated science students with a common set of professional goals. The ultimate goal of the Eagle STEM Scholars program is to increase the number of doctoral degree awards for students from underrepresented segments of society.

The Winthrop Eagle STEM Scholars program emulates proven practices from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County's (UMBC) Meyerhoff Scholars Program that was featured on CBS News' 60 Minutes in November 2011. Specific Winthrop Eagle STEM Scholars Program elements include:

  • Recruitment of motivated, well-prepared students who have a minimum Math SAT of 580 or ACT of 25
  • Financial Support provided to some of the selected scholars are scholarship awards that will be applied toward the costs of tuition, room and board less South Carolina scholarships awards (Palmetto, Life, or Hope) and any other Winthrop scholarships. Awards may be less than but will not exceed the cost of attendance.
  • Community of Like-Minded Students
    • Early move-in allows STEM Scholars to get settled on campus before others arrive.
    • Eagle STEM Scholars share a common residence hall floor; upper-class resident advisers plan social and academic programs.
    • Scholars complete an Eagle STEM professional seminar series during freshman year.
    • Scholars participate in Eagle STEM community service activities and social outings.
    • Winthrop's Eagle STEM program office and staff are adjacent to science classrooms.
  • Academic Support is highly-structured during freshmen and sophomore years.
    • Incoming Eagle STEM Scholars are paired with an upper-class peer advisor to assist with academic and social adjustments to college.
    • Study halls for Eagle STEM Scholars are held twice weekly during freshman year; tutors are available to enhance Eagle STEM scholar academic performance in chemistry, mathematics, and writing.
    • Eagle STEM staff monitor academic progress and meet with each student biweekly.
    • Eagle STEM Scholars meet with a faculty academic advisor every semester.
    • Beginning sophomore year, Eagle STEM Scholars serve as science tutors.
  • Comprehensive Research Experiences are required during both junior and senior years
    • By junior year, Eagle STEM Scholars will be expected to join a lab group and to become actively engaged in a cutting-edge research project under the mentorship of a biochemistry, biology, chemistry, or math faculty member.
    • Scholars will be expected to make oral presentations and to write research reports detailing specific aims established, scientific methods used, and lab results obtained.
    • During junior and senior years, scholars will attend national, state, or local scientific conferences. Seniors will be expected to present research results at these conferences.