Diversity & Student Engagement

Diversity Peer Educators

The Diversity Peer Educators are a team of students who have been trained to facilitate presentation focused on diversity and inclusion. 

Diversity Peer Educators (DPE) - This program is designed to help educate Winthrop students on diverse topics in order to create an inclusive campus. Through creating campus programs, education, exploration, inclusion, awareness, and advocacy the DPEs work to foster a beneficial community in which everyone feels welcomed. If you would like to request a presentation for your organization/student group please click here.  

We have four (4) prepared presentations that the DPEs can give to your organization/student group. Below you will find the title, a description and a time frame for the presentations. We ask that you secure the location of the presentation as well.

  • Allyship - (1 hour) The purpose of this presentation is to shed light upon ways you and your organization can recognize diversity in order to be an ally to current and potential members. During this session we will work together to understand allyship and put in place an action plan to achieve inclusiveness. (Room must be open enough for the organization to stand in a circle)

  • Step Up to the Line - (45 min) This activity allows participants to think about their values and express them to others. During the presentation students will learn how personal values influence a group, recognize that their personal values will be the basis for their leadership, and gain an understanding of values based actions. 

  • Privilege Auction - (1 hour) The Privilege Auction is an activity that shows the importance and prevalence of privilege. In this activity the facilitator gives out the privilege in the form of money, and participants have to buy what they want most; however, it is an auction, so whoever has more money can buy more things. 

  • The Listening Exercise - (30 min) This activity highlights common stereotypes that we might think about when discussing different people groups.

If you have questions about the program, please e-mail dpe@winthrop.edu


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