Winthrop University: Council of Student Leaders - Committees
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Council of Student Leaders (CSL)
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CSL Committees

Internal Relations Committee

We, the members of the internal relations committee, shall work to uplift, encourage and support the members of the Council of Student Leaders so that they can thoroughly fulfill their duties to the Winthrop community and to each other.

1.      Isabella Rodriguez

2.      Shaquala McCarroll

3.      Tatianna Davis

4.      Jasmine Moyd

5.      Nadiya Lowe

6.      Laylah Chisholm

7.      Taylor Sandifor

Public Relations Committee

We, the members of the public relations committee, are built on the foundation of positive visual representation, innovative campaign strategies, and creative networking. It is through our action in which we aim to foster collaborative communication with the student body at Winthrop University.

1.      Isaac Smith —Committee Co-Chair

2.      Imani Belton — Committee Co-Chair

3.      Eva Owusu

Events Committee

The mission of the events committee is to create an engaging environment for the continued growth of the Winthrop community by organizing meaningful programming and providing beneficial resources.

1.      Jayma Goodwin

2.      Mesia Morris

3.      Niageria Bey

4.      Quest Morris

5.      Shay Simms

6.      Isaiah Fields

7.      Essence McClary

Civic Engagement Committee

The civic engagement committee has committed to promoting voting, engaging with campus faculty and administration; establishing and engaging a presence within the local and campus community; focusing on facilitating, and moderating projects that are centered around bettering the community. Whereas by working with different committees  and officials in our community we will establish an effective level of communication so that specific tasks and duties will be fulfilled.

1.     Malik Fraizer — Committee Chair

2.     Kianna Todman

3.     Brooke Mims

4.     Ravyn Cunningham

Campus Outreach

We, the members of the campus outreach committee, strive to intentionally leave a positive impact on the Winthrop community through safety and inclusion. We strive to bridge the gap between the council, student organizations, and the student body by fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

1.      Dominique Cain — Co-Chair

2.      Anna-Leigh Taylor

3.      Brandon Reeder

4.      Chelsi James

5.      KeeLe Puckett

6.      Tim Cunningham

7.      Alexis Davis

8.      Ana Barkley


Last Updated: 8/1/19