Types of Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are considered 2-way or 3-way matches. Below is a listing of commonly used PO types.

2-Way Matches

Currently, a signed payment process (copy of the PO approved by authorized person) is required on all 2-way matches before payment of an invoice. If you do not have a copy of the PO, please contact Procurement or Accounts Payable.

The following PO types are 2-way matches:

  • Blanket Order (BO)
  • Exempt Service (ES)
  • Service/Quote (SQ)
  • Service Order (SR)

(2-way matches are usually intangible products, i.e. a service. Since it is intangible, Central Receiving does not have to be notified. A signed payment process — signature approval on the PO - is needed to pay POs that are 2-way matches.)

A Check with Order is also a 2-way match. Check with Order is used when prepayment to the vendor is required. Signature approval is not required for this PO type. AP will print the PO, if needed, to include in the files. 

3-Way Matches    

The following PO types are 3-way matches:

  • Exempt Order (EO)
  • Print Order (PO)
  • Quote Order (QO)
  • Regular Order (OR)

(3-way matches are usually tangible products. Central Receiving should deliver them to the department. If they do or if the vendor delivers them to the department, Central Receiving needs to be notified that the order has been received and is satisfactory. If a PO is not received, a check will not be released although it has been processed by AP.)

On 3-way matches, Central Receiving must receive the PO in FRS before payment will be released. Accounts Payable may enter the PO for payment after receiving an invoice; however, the payment process will go be rejected until the purchase order has been received in FRS. Central Receiving does not receive the PO in FRS until the department notifies Central Receiving that the order has been received. When notifying Central Receiving that an order has been received, please identify the PO number and note whether the entire or partial order has been received and what items have been received.