Accounts Payable FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ question If paying an invoice with the procurement card, should I notify Accounts Payable?

FAQ Answer Yes - Accounts payable will forward the original documentation to the department.

FAQ question How do I get reimbursed for vicinity miles?

FAQ Answer Please list vicinity miles separately on your travel reimbursement forms (XLS - 65.5K).

FAQ question What is the current mileage reimbursement rate?

FAQ Answer Effective January 1, 2024, the current mileage rate is $0.63 regardless of the funding source.

FAQ question How much will the reimbursement be for meals?

FAQ Answer Please see Per Diem for Meals.

FAQ question Do I need to list items that will be prepaid on my travel authorization form?

FAQ Answer Yes. If items are being prepaid with the Check Request Voucher (XLS - 50.5K), please include a copy of the travel authorization (XLS - 56.5K). Also, prepaid items must be included in the total approved amount.

FAQ question Why is my reimbursement check less than the total on my travel reimbursement form?

FAQ Answer Your reimbursement is based on the approval amount on the travel authorization form (XLS - 56.5K) less any prepaid items, either by CRV (XLS - 50.5K) or procurement card. Accounts payable will check for the accuracy of mileage and meal calculations based per diem.

FAQ question How is mileage calculated?

FAQ Answer Your mileage is based on your departure and arrival destinations and vicinity miles. To justify mileage requested, a printout from Mapquest, for example, can be included with the travel reimbursement form (XLS - 65.5K).

FAQ question Why was my hotel bill not reimbursed entirely?

FAQ Answer If there is a food charge, it is deducted. Meals are based on a per diem rate and shown separately on the travel reimbursement form (XLS - 65.5K).

FAQ question Are phone calls reimbursed?

FAQ Answer Business phone calls are reimbursed in full.  Personal calls are limited to one call per day up to $5.00.