Nomination for Honorary Degree

An honorary degree is one of higher education’s most significant forms of recognition.  Winthrop University awards honorary degrees on a selective basis to distinguished individuals who merit special recognition for genuine achievement and distinction in a field or activity consistent with the mission of the University and whose selection will further the mission and purpose of the University.  Only the Board of Trustees may authorize the award of an honorary degree.

Confidentiality is crucial to the nomination process to protect the nominee from disappointment and embarrassment. The nominee must not be informed of her or his nomination; proposers must not seek outside letters in support of the nomination. Following an initial review of all nominations, the committee may request additional information from proposers in support of nominees selected for further consideration.

Please address the following questions, demonstrating how the nominee's achievement and/or service are of such exceptional character as to merit the award of an honorary degree.

Your answers should not exceed 300 words.

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