Think College Program

Admissions & Exit Criteria

 Food Bank 2018

Brandon, Matt, Jesse, Shanika, Stacie, Whitney and Taylor volunteering in Charlotte.


 Admissions Criteria

  • A documented intellectual disability with IQ between 45-75
  • Age 18-25 at the time of admission 
  • Motivated to learn and benefit from participation in WTC Program
  • Does not display significant maladaptive behaviors that would require extensive behavioral support from others
  • Must be able to transverse the university campus with minimal adult supervision
  • Demonstrates communication skills adequate to interact on the WU campus
  • Demonstrates socially acceptable behavior that allows a favorable experience on the WU campus
  • Expresses interest in living and working as independently as possible in their community after completing the WTC program
  • Transportation to and from campus is the responsibility of the participant and his/her caregivers


See application on the "About Us" page.


Exit Criteria

Student completes the following certificate requirements:

  • Completes an employment portfolio (resume, letters of recommendation, performance evaluation from job sites, documentation of skills learned)
  • Student and/or parent voluntarily withdraws from the program
  •  Program requirements are not met and student is withdrawn by Winthrop Think College
  •  Student's behavior becomes disruptive and/or aggressive preventing him/her from active participation in postsecondary education or employment without extensive behavioral support and supervision
  •  Within 2 years, the student earns at least 48 credits (at least 12 credits of courses with traditional Winthrop students; up to 36 credits of internship or special topics courses for Think College participants)

 Light It Up Blue IL 2018

Ray, Raheem, Kenna, Mary and Chauncey at the Light It Up Blue event at Indian Land Middle School.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is $7,653 per semester in 2023-2024 and this includes the following:

  • Student fees: activity fee, library fee, technology fee
  • Twelve or more credits consisting of a combination of traditional Winthrop courses taken at the audit level, individualized instruction courses specifically for WTC students, and internships on/off campus.
  • Peer mentoring in classes, in internships, and to facilitate involvement in recreational activities and college life
  • Guidance from Winthrop Think College staff to design, implement, and regularly evaluate person-centered plans

For information on Housing Rates and Meal Plan Rates - click here

Any extra fees will be discussed prior to registration for WTC students.