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Contact Information
Dr. Marinn Pierce
Counseling & Development
145 B Withers Building
Rock Hill, SC 29733

Master of Education in Counseling and Development

Contact Us

Dr. Marinn Pierce
Program Director
Associate Professor
Withers 145A - 803.323.4591

Dr. Jennifer Jordan
Clinic Director
Withers 146 - 803/323.2456

Dr. Allison Paolini
Field Coordinator
Assistant Professor
Withers 145B - 803/323.4722

Dr. Anthony Strange
Certification Only Coordinator
Clinical Associate Professor
Withers 145C - 803/323.4754

Postal Mail:
146 Withers Building
Rock Hill, SC 29733

Phone: 803/323-2456

In Counseling

Last Updated: 8/1/19