Master of Education in Counseling and Development

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In 1967, Winthrop University began providing curricular experiences for counselors in training through the College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences. The program has undergone numerous revisions to meet the needs of students as they seek to learn effective helping skills for employment in schools and community agencies. Curricular experiences emphasize quality preparation for practitioners. Program requirements are compatible with state certification in school counseling, national counselor certification, and state licensure for professional counselors.

The counseling and development program adheres to the practitioner-scientist model of preparation. Consistent with this approach is the goal of graduating students who have a knowledge of counseling, who are competent in providing professional services, and who have the knowledge necessary to conduct evaluation and understand basic research. Especially important to the program faculty is the commitment to mental "health" and the value attached to understanding the common developmental themes occurring throughout a person's life. The diversity characterizing the faculty's theoretical orientation is an advantage to the program, providing students with a variety of theoretical models as well as different applied settings for gaining pre-professional experience.

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