Winthrop University: Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement - University Level Competencies: Personal & Social Responsibility

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Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement

University Level Competencies: Personal and Social Responsibility

In a pledge to provide new leadership to reestablish education for personal and social responsibility as a central goal within American colleges and universities, Winthrop University pledges to give particular attention to the following dimensions of personal and social responsibility (AAC&U "Call to Action"):

  1. Striving For Excellence: developing a strong work ethic and consciously doing one's very best in all aspects of college.
  2. Cultivating Personal And Academic Integrity: recognizing and acting on a sense of honor, both by being honest in relationships and by upholding academic honor codes.
  3. Contributing To A Larger Community: recognizing and acting on one's responsibility to the educational community, the local community, and the wider national and global society.
  4. Taking Seriously The Perspectives Of Others: recognizing and acting on the obligation to inform one's own judgment; relinquishing a sense of entitlement; and engaging diverse and competing perspectives as a resource for learning, citizenship, and work.
  5. Refining Ethical And Moral Reasoning: developing moral reasoning in ways that incorporate the other four responsibilities and using such reasoning in learning and in life.

Last Updated: 8/20/20