Teaching Fellows Program

Government & Committees

Winthrop University Teaching Fellows has its very own self-governing body. The student government serves two main purposes:

  1. To provide further leadership roles for students within the cohort
  2. To provide further organization and coherency throughout the program

The student government follows its own constitution (PDF - 147kb), written and ratified by Winthrop's first Teaching Fellows class in the spring of 2003. The constitution serves as a living and breathing framework by which all Teaching Fellows functions follow.

It is important to understand the constitution as a "living and breathing" document. The intent of this document is to help serve the needs of the cohort as a whole. In that, as our cohort continues to grow and develop, so too should the constitution. The constitution is not stagnant, but should remain in constant reflection of the needs and goals of our cohort.

The student government's main functioning bodies are its governing council and its committees. The governing council consists of the director and class officers whom are elected yearly. It organizes and implements short-term and long-term goals and provides guidance and support for the various committees within our cohort. There are a variety of committees, each specializing and working in their own area of interest. For example, committees range from the Communications Committee, which maintains the website and newsletter among other things, to the Off-Campus Recruitment Committee, which organizes recruitment efforts outside of Winthrop. Several committees also contain sub-committees as needed.