NetAPT Module 6: Engaging in the Profession

Module 6 allows participants to consider professional goals and engage in reflection of instructional practice including analysis of student data. Contributions to the school and community broaden educational perspectives and expand opportunities. 

Module 6 competencies include:

    • Identify professional development activities that advance your content knowledge and pedagogical skills. 
    • Engage in professional development activities.  
    • Apply professional development strategies to instructional practice. 
    • Reflect upon instruction practice. 
    • Identify strategies for improvement based on analysis and reflection.
    • Analyze student achievement data.
    • Identify learner strengths and areas of need.
    • Engage in data-based decision making.
    • Attend, and come prepared for, various professional meetings (e.g., department, PTO, school staff, etc.). 
    • Exhibit professional behavior during meetings. 
    • Make school safety an explicit part of my work with colleagues and students.
    • Attend events beyond the regular school day. 
    • Accept leadership responsibilities, when appropriate.
    • Identify resources for community engagement.
    • Extend student learning beyond the school walls.


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