Master of Education in Counseling and Development

School Counseling

According to the American School Counselors Association, a division of the American Counseling Association, school counselors are skilled professionals who, as members of the educational team, provide a number of services to various individuals within the school program. Counseling denotes a professional relationship that involves a trained school counselor, a student, and significant other in the student's life.

Services provided by the school counseling program are comprehensive and developmental in nature. The school counselor possesses knowledge and skills that enable delivery of an effective program which includes attention to cultural diversity and special needs.

The School Counseling concentration is a 60 credit hour curriculum leading to the Master of Education degree. The curriculum consists of three core areas: 

  • Area I:  Required Core - 27 semester hours
  • Area II: Specialized Studies -  21 semester hours
  • Area III: Professional Clinical Experiences - 12 semester hours

The school counseling concentration prepares graduates to meet the growing academic, personal/social, and career needs of students in P-12 educational settings. Students satisfactorily completing the School Counseling concentration requirements and receiving a passing score on the PRAXIS specialty examination will be eligible for certification in the state of South Caroline or licensure in the state of North Carolina as a qualified school counselor. The School Counseling concentration is CACREP accredited.

The school counseling concentration prepares students to become knowledgeable and ethical counseling professionals for employment as school counselors in public and private K-12 schools and related educational settings for diverse populations. A collaborative approach to school counseling with other school services is endorsed. Clinical and course assignments are designed to provide tangible career benefits for students.

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