Counseling, Leadership, and Educational Studies

Master of Arts in Teaching

Graduate Program Advisor: Dr. Lisa Harris, 803/323-2588 

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) is designed to prepare individuals who are seeking initial certification to be a classroom teacher. Graduate candidates may select one of the following areas of certification at the high school level: biology, English, mathematics, or social studies; or graduate candidates may select one of the following areas for certification in grades K-12: art, music, physical education, or Spanish. 

Visit the Master of Arts in Teaching information page for more details and view the FAQs below for the M.A.T. Accelerated Program. Also, visit page 140 in the academic catalog to view the required minor in Educational Studies' requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions for the M.A.T. Accelerated Program


    Late fall of your final undergraduate degree program year. Visit the Admission Page for more details.


    No, passing scores on required Praxis II exams are the only testing requirements.

    2.75 GPA


    No. M.A.T. Accelerated students take 12 credit hours each semester which does not allow time to serve as a Graduate Assistant or Associate. Also, students are cautioned about outside employment since this program is fast-paced, demanding, and requires students to be in P-12 schools during normal school hours for internships.

    During the semester you will complete 12 hours of coursework is when you should apply for admission. At least 6 of the 12 hours must be education courses, and at least 3 hours must be content coursework. See the Teacher Education application for more details.

    All teacher education candidates must provide documentation of a minimum of 25 hours of supervised Youth Experience with students within the age range of the certification level sought, i.e. grades 9-12. Click here for the Youth Experience form.

    Summer of your undergraduate senior year. They are required for program entry and licensure. Visit the Praxis II exam page for more information.

    A minimum of 12 hours are required to complete the program in the one-year time frame.

    • Application to the Teacher Education Program - due during the semester you will complete 12 hours
    • Application to Internship I - due summer semester
    • Application to Internship II - due early fall semester
    • All teacher education degree programs leading to initial licensure require completion of the S.C. State Department of Education Certification Application. The fee charged for this process by the SCDE is $105.00.
    • A full SLED fingerprint and background check must also be completed through L1Enrollment that will cost $51.50.
    • Details on how to complete these important applications will be provided when your Internship I Application is approved.

    There are two required internships. Internship I begins your fall semester and requires a school-based placement. Internship II begins your spring semester and requires a school-based placement for the entire semester.

    Yes! The Office of Field Placement will hold several meetings each semester regarding internships, licensure documentation, etc. These meetings are mandatory, so be sure you make arrangements to attend.