Job Location and Development (JLD) Program

The JLD Program is a job program that helps Winthrop students find part-time, off-campus jobs in Rock Hill and the surrounding area. Students are given premium access to job postings online through Handshake and are encouraged to apply for positions related to their academic interests and/or career goals.

Our program includes many local employers within walking distance of campus and along the free MyRide bus route - all looking to hire an Eagle!

The Amazing City of Rock Hill, South Carolina



    Students in the JLD program receive access to part-time and seasonal/temporary job postings online through Handshake as well as job search assistance from the JLD coordinator.

    Having a part-time job in school is a great way to:

    • Gain valuable work experience

    • Offset the cost of tuition and personal expenses with a part-time wage

    • Develop career competencies

    • Expand your professional network

    Complete the steps below and our JLD coordinator will be in contact with you to discuss your job search.

    STEP 1.

     Log in to Handshake to activate your student account.



    STEP 2.

     Complete 100% of your Handshake profile.



    STEP 3.

     Complete the JLD Student Interest Form





    Each year, we receive federal funding to help market local part-time jobs to our students. By joining the JLD program, you are not only enhancing your organization's recruitment efforts, you are also helping our 4,500+ students gain practical work experience and develop transferrable skills needed to be successful in their future careers!

    Benefits of becoming an employer partner:

    • Cost-effective recruitment: Employers who participate in the JLD program receive free marketing for their part-time and seasonal/temporary roles. Our JLD coordinator helps to market these positions through a variety of means, including our online job board (Handshake), social media, campus tabling, etc.

    • Career Fairs: We invite employers to attend our annual Part-Time Job Fair and Fall Career Fair to promote their open roles. These events are an excellent opportunity to engage with a larger number of students on campus.

    • Access to a diverse talent pool: Our campus community includes students of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, who make up approximately 47% of our student population. We believe our diversity helps make us strong.

    • Positive brand image: Employers who participate in JLD programs demonstrate their commitment to community development and investment in the future workforce.

    If you are an employer who's interested in participating in the JLD Program, please e-mail the JLD coordinator at

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