About Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree at Winthrop University includes several concentrations.  The computing concentration is Computer Information Systems (CIFS).


Career Opportunities

CIFS graduates are skilled at bridging the gap between the needs of businesses and technology. Their business knowledge and their technical skills enable them to develop solutions to a broad range of problems.

CIFS graduates are highly recruited by companies in this region of the Carolinas. The Charlotte area is home to the headquarters of several major international corporations. Many CIFS graduates begin their careers as an "Analyst", "Programmer", or "Database Administrator". The most frequent employers of CIFS graduates are Bank of America, Blue Cross, and KPMG.



Of the 120 credits required for graduation, approximately 55 credits are in the business core, about 35 credits are University General Education courses, and 27 credits of the CIFS concentration are in Computer Science or Math.  The business core includes courses such as Accounting 1 and 2, Marketing, Economics 1 and 2, Statistics 1 and 2, and Finance.  

The CIFS computing courses begin with two general programming courses.  Students then complete the Database course, a 1-credit programming language course, and two elective computer science courses.  Electives include courses such as Security, Web App Development, and Mobile App Development. Senior CIFS students complete a two-semester project or an internship.


CIFS is part of the BS in Business Administration degree, which is administered by the College of Business and Technology (CBT).  CBT is accredited by AACSB, the premier business accrediting organization.